Why franchising

Research has shown that of all businesses starting today, only 20% will still be trading in 5 years time. With franchising these figures are reversed. The reason for this represents the other benefits of franchising. Franchising is the safest road to success for the new "Businessperson". It is a proven business concept that originated in the United States over 100 years ago, first with Singer Sewing Machine Company and then with General Motors. During the last 50 years, franchising has exploded into the single most successful marketing concept ever invented. Now, franchising is contributing Trillions of US$ to the world's economy in sales of goods and services and employed over 24,000,000 people.

A Proven Business

With franchising you are buying into a business that is already operating. The Franchisor will have made mistakes along the way and will have learnt from them. This knowledge is passed on as part of the franchise system. It enables you to start your business at a much higher point on the learning curve.


Within a franchise there is or should be a great deal of help and support available. The support that you will need will change as your business grows. From day one you will need training and will be reliant on the Franchisor. As you become established, you will benefit from different types of support such as staff training and marketing tips.

Problem solving

From time to time you are going to run out of marketing strategies. Your Franchisor should be able to provide you with the necessary information as how they have handled similar challenges in the past. However it is invaluable to be able to talk things through with other Franchises, or the support team who may well have dealt with the same problem recently.

Management support

Many Franchisor's will hold review meetings with you to discuss all aspects of the business. You will be able to check your progress, celebrate your successes and plan for the future. Many businesses have failed in the past due to lack of good business advice.

Why Can't I Go Alone?

A franchise provides you with the best of both worlds - pride of ownership and the flexibility to employ your own business and entrepreneurial skills combined with the brand name, management resources and accumulated experience of a large and successful company.

The financial risks are less and the prospects for success greater than for a non-franchised business. You can draw on the experience and resources of the Franchisor and all the other Franchises to help you in times of need.

With a franchise business you are working for yourself - you are your own boss with the freedom and flexibility to make your own decisions, use your own skills and ideas - yet you are not by yourself - you have the collective resources of the franchise network.

Franchising works for you in many ways and a CAD TRAINING Franchise provides an outstanding opportunity to enjoy all these benefits.

Why should I consider franchising?

There are many individuals who like yourself, who want to be their own boss. They see no long range security in working for someone else, and feel that their potential income will always be limited as an employee.

Franchising offers these individuals an opportunity to break free & own their own business whilst at the same time minimizing the risk that is inherent in opening an entirely new business from scratch.

Franchising allows you to follow a tried and tested business system which will greatly improve your chances of success, as the statistics prove.

I am Interested in having BIMGS franchise. What to do now?

  •  First you should make a feasibility study of the place where you wish to establish the franchise.
  •  Then, if you find good potential for business and if you have the intention to serve the students and make       business of such good service, you are most welcomed to BIMGS, download the franchise application form and       send it so us by email to
  •  We shall revert to you within 3 working days, after receiving your email.


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