CATIA Training

BIMGS provides training for CATIA.

Course Description:
CATIA Fundamentals provides the student with a general understanding of all core design courses offered by Contract Cad Services. It is the prerequisite for sub sequential training in CATIA. The course introduces to the student to the CATIA environment with emphasis on the use of the Sketcher Workbench. It also presents an overview of the Part Design, Generative Shape Design, Assembly Design.

The primary objective of this course is to teach the student the basic tools and techniques necessary for professionals to get started with CATIA. Upon completion of the course, the student will:
  •  Create and Save various types of CATIA documents
  •  Differentiate and switch between a selection of workbenches
  •  Perform various tasks concerning 3D Navigation and geometry selection
  •  Create and constrain sketches
  •  Descibe the functinal capabilities and general usage of:
     ◦   Part Design
     ◦   Generative Shape Design
     ◦   Assembly Design

Who should attend?:
  •  Existing AutoCAD users who are new to CATIA .
  •  Those who want to create intelligent Animated models and associated objects.

  •  Previous AutoCAD experience is necessary. Drafting, design, or engineering experience is a plus.
  •  It is recommended that working knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP.

BIMGS is an Authorised Autodesk Training Centre (ATC) and Authorised Autodesk Certification Centre (ACC).


Courses Offered:
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